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Digital Marketing During a Crisis March 26, 2020

Are you wondering what you should be doing with your marketing during these uncertain times? Not sure how to approach it? It is nearly impossible to plan for the future with such uncertainty, but there are certain things you can continue to do that will keep you going. Here are some tips on how to shift your business’s marketing using innovative solutions.

5 Ways To Carry On With Your Marketing

  1. Adjust Your Strategy — Perhaps you were focused on the new customer journey. Rather than going for something new, why not try and nurture the ones you’ve already got. What can you do to maintain? Try sending out a newsletter to your clients every week, going live on your Facebook Page or creating a future offer or promotion that people can look forward to using.
  2. Generating Revenue — Social distancing has drastically changed the way we do business. If your walk-in traffic has diminished, why not pivot and add an online store to your website? Own a fitness studio? Why not move your classes online with Zoom so your members can still get a workout in. Host an online masterclass, workshop or cooking class and sell tickets through Eventbrite. Need to meet with your clients? Video conferencing use is skyrocketing right now, and we all have the tool to do it right in our pockets, your Smartphone.
  3. Appropriate Language — While social media can be great for business, newsfeed overload is abundant, which makes it extremely difficult for companies to cut through and have a voice. If you’re still able to post, keep in mind how your audience might be feeling during this time. Foster your community by taking a sensitive and personal approach to your messaging.
  4. Budget-Friendly — We know it’s a critical time to watch your spending. We also know that marketing is the first thing to usually get cut. However, continuing your ad campaigns might still be an option. If it is still appropriate, keeping your ad campaigns running is recommended. Ask your local digital marketing manager for their opinion, they are available to answer these pressing questions.
  5. Content Creation — To make things a little easier, build a content calendar. That way, you can map out how your next few weeks are going to look. Make sure your content is relevant in light of what’s going on.

Digital Marketing Toolkit:

Zoom Video Conferencing: https://zoom.us/

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/

Adobe Spark: https://spark.adobe.com/

Canva: https://www.canva.com/

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