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Flash Professional is now Adobe Animate CC February 17, 2016

It seems that since the release of HTML5 and it’s slew of new bell’s and whistles, and the loss of support from companies like Apple, the web based Flash codec has been on a steady decline and is expected to be no longer supported by modern browsers sometime in the next 24 months.

What you can expect as a user who may have a flash driven website is that your customer base will no longer be able to access your website as a result of this. Browsers have begun to no longer support the Java Flash based plugin since the media release of massive security vulnerabilities within the tool became exposed. The drop in support and usage for 2015 decreased from 21% to a mere 6% causing the browsers to move further away from supporting the plugin.

However as online technology changes, so has its delivery methods. Adobe has since re-written the Flash based program and Flash Professional has now been re-branded as Adobe Animate CC and has been officially released to the public. They are promoting it as the premier animation tool for the web and has the ability to incorporate HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support.

The buzz alone of the immense power this software will now offer has been getting the design community really excited. Adobe states that it will be recognized as an HTML5 ad solution that complies with the IAB Standards (Interactive Advertising Bureau), will still be able to support existing Flash SWF’s, and will be able to output animations into virtually any format. It will also comply with several of the W3C standards for accessibility such as caption data standards and accessible player controls for FLV and H.264 video. The product is expected to offer the most complete set of tools available for authoring accessible rich media so that websites can meet the needs of those with disabilities to have equal access to information found on the web.

To view sneak peeks of Adobe Animate view the Adobe live stream channel on Twitch.


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