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Kamloops Hospice

Website Development, Logo, Branding

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life of persons and their families facing death and bereavement through skilled, compassionate, spiritual, emotional, and physical care embracing the individual’s choice.


About the Project

Fresh Inc. was honoured to have been part of the Kamloops Hospice project, dedicated to creating a compassionate and informative online experience for families navigating the challenging journey of end-of-life care. Our team meticulously managed a photoshoot to capture the serene and supportive environment of the hospice, ensuring that the website reflects the warmth and comfort it offers. Through this project, we've crafted a website that comprehensively outlines the hospice services and amenities, providing a source of solace and information for those facing the loss of a loved one. It's our privilege to contribute to the vital work of Kamloops Hospice in supporting families during such a difficult time, using the power of digital media to extend care and comfort to those in need.

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