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Lower North Thompson Valley

Website Development, Marketing

Welcome to the Lower North Thompson Valley region, a breathtaking destination in British Columbia that offers unparalleled natural beauty and diverse outdoor experiences. Located in the heart of the province, the Lower North Thompson Valley region is surrounded by beautiful mountains, western landscapes, Indigenous experiences, cozy cabin retreats, fishing destinations and hiking adventures.


About the Project

Our portfolio showcases Fresh Inc.'s destination marketing for the Lower North Thompson Valley (LNTV). We've created a captivating website, offering a wealth of traveller information, along with engaging blog content that reveals LNTV's unique experiences. Through strategic social media and digital ads, we've drawn visitors to this picturesque valley, enhancing its appeal. Our photography and videography immerse potential tourists in the region's beauty, and our content and social media management maintain an informative online presence. With Fresh Inc. leading LNTV's marketing, the region thrives as a sought-after destination, and our portfolio highlights the tools behind its success.

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