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Say It With Colour! May 5, 2015

In the world of Graphic Design, colour is one of the most powerful elements a designer can use to effectively communicate a message visually. In theory there is really no such thing as colour, just light waves of different wavelengths that the human eye sees, distinguishes, and sends to the brain to translate into colour. This scientific phenomenon of colour has the ability to instantly evoke a response, express emotions, create a mood, or symbolize an idea. Although it seems simple, colour is a complex subject especially when it comes to the connotations and meanings of individual swatches. These labels we give colour are subjective and elements such as personal preference, age, gender, experiences, upbringing, cultural differences, context, etc… often influence the way we perceive and experience them. Some examples of these preconceived notions include; baby blue is for boys; pastel pink is for girls; yellow is sunny and happy; you’re seeing red when you’re mad; gray is cool and modern; avocado green, gold, and orange is oh so 70s…the list goes on and on. The right colour can send the right message and choosing the perfect colour palette is one of the foundational building blocks we designers use in creating a logo and branding elements.

As part of our branding process here at Fresh Inc. we will ask clients at our initial meetings to list off adjectives that describe their company… Are you corporate and serious? or are you friendly and casual? This is then followed with a question regarding colour preferences and the swatches they would like to incorporate as a part of their visual identity. These two questions play a vital role in finding out the message the client would like their logo and branding elements to convey to their target audience. We then take the client’s answers into consideration during our colour selection phase and carefully create palettes that embody these messages we are aiming to portray. Getting on the same wavelength as the client when it comes to colour ensures we are making the right visual decisions for their company as well giving the client a brand they love!

The below graphic features different colours and their associated meanings.


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