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Security, Privacy & Your Data February 8, 2019

Best Discovery

Instagram Superzoom! While we didn’t discover it this month, we discovered it works for pretty much everything!

Best Diffuser Scent

Peppermint! Good for Soothing and vitalizing!

Best Freshism

At Fresh Inc. we love shortening words, sometimes so much that they don’t make sense. Our Favourite last  month was: Chick Caese (Chicken Caeser Salad).

Security, Privacy & Your Data

If you carry a phone…let me rephrase that, When you carry your phone, whether you like it or not, Google is tracking you.

They track your steps – for fitness of course, they track your location – for your safety of course, and they track pretty much everything else – for a good reason, of course.

All of this information is incredibly valuable to a number of people including politicians, business moguls, and even city planners, yes, the people who plan the cities we live in.

Imagine being a city planner and having to conduct traffic studies with employees standing at street corners counting cars, well those days are no longer.

Google, or rather a subsidiary of it’s parent company Alphabet called Sidewalk Labs is now offering exact location data so city planners can map our people’s movement like “Sim City.”

You can learn more here: https://www.sidewalklabs.com/blog/introducing-replica-a-next-generation-urban-planning-tool/

When it comes to privacy and security being tracked by Google or Facebook shouldn’t really be people’s chief concern. Concerning yourself with being vigilant online is much more important.

Using secure passwords and a password manager like Lastpass (https://www.lastpass.com/) or Keeper (https://keepersecurity.com/) (instead of writing it down on a piece of paper) is a very easy way to help protect yourself from falling victim to a hacker.

Whatever you choose to do and however you choose to do it, being mindful of your privacy is absolute must in 2019 and beyond.

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