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Intro To Field Testing September 25, 2017

Why is Field Testing critical to your brand development?

How often do you purchase a product before researching it first? 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. So, why would you launch your brand without testing it first? Field testing provides us with high-quality feedback that will benefit our branding process, and it also helps us make informed decisions when we are refining our work. Think of it as the dress rehearsal or sound check before the big show. It allows us to iron out the kinks and end up with high-grade results.

Once we’ve identified our brand audience, field testing is the perfect opportunity to engage with them and ask relevant questions about their perception of the work. In some cases, the brand audience is expanded to industry professionals that have experience in the field in which we are focusing on. This way, we know that we are gathering excellent feedback from a comprehensive mix of stakeholders.

Here are a few reasons why we do field testing:

1. Gain an objective view of our design,
2. Get perspective from various demographics, and
3. Have an outsider’s view of the design to identify any apparent misinterpretation or false representation.

Field testing can be a crucial step in a successful re-brand or brand creation. It keeps us on track and refines our creative process when working on the final stages for the client and our team.

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